Convention Badges: By Machinists, for Machinists

The right to wear the badge as a delegate for the IAM’s 39th Grand Lodge Convention carries great responsibility. Each delegate carries a voice for their local lodge, and will use that to guide the direction the IAM will take for the next four years. For that reason, the badge must be something as special as the occasion.

This year’s badges are proudly produced by members of IAM Local 447 at Norco, Inc. The members employed at the Garwood, NJ company produce badges, pins, die struck medals, challenge coins and many other custom made products.

The quality and craftsmanship stands out. Each one hand painted, one at a time. Unique as the person whose neck it hangs from.

The work that goes into painting the badges parallels the work of the Grand Lodge Convention delegates; it’s tedious, labor intensive and vitally important. Like the painting of the badges, the delegates hold the future of the final product in their hands. Their final product is what our great union does over the next four years.

The weight of the craftsmanship hanging from the neck of each convention delegate is a reminder of the great responsibility they carry with them. The IAM Brothers and Sisters who made the badges understood this and put “Machinist Pride” into the work of every one.