Shuler Praises IAM’s Diversity, Innovation

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler praised the Machinists Union for its innovation in growing the labor movement and dedication to getting more members active in their union.

“We have to find ways to become better organizers, because the status quo isn’t working, let’s face it,” Shuler said at the IAM’s 39th Grand Lodge Convention. “You know better than anyone that organizing today requires a multi-pronged approach.”

Speaking about the importance of organizing, Shuler took time to address South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s comments about wearing high heels to kick unions out of the South.

“I’ll take our work boots over her high heels any day,” said Shuler. “And trust me—memo to Nikki Haley—unions are going to be in the South long after she’s going to be in the South. We’re here to stay.”

Shuler also talked about the importance of electing Hillary Clinton as the next president.

“Hillary is a relentless supporter of unions, and she strongly opposed the TPP and has called for an entirely new direction on trade,” said Shuler. “She is going to appoint a National Labor Relations Board that not only protects collective bargaining, but promotes collective bargaining.”

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