Empowering IAM Women Through Representation and Inclusion

The IAM’s commitment to supporting women’s empowerment and representation has been clearly demonstrated at the 40th Grand Lodge Convention as women in attendance makeup about 17 percent of the delegates, which is representative of the IAM female membership at large which makes up 20 percent.

Women have been a critical part of the IAM since its infancy. The IAM is taking the necessary steps to foster women into leadership roles and to preserve this great progress, which will ultimately strengthen the union.

As part of the IAM efforts to increase women’s participation and engagement in leadership roles, the union created the Leadership Excellence Assembly of Dedicated Sisters (LEADS) program. IAM Delegates recommitted to this initiative as they passed Resolution #6, which states why this program is critical for the union and IAM women’s empowerment.

The goal of the LEADS programs is to train and mentor IAM women for various roles, such as Business Representatives, Directing Business Representatives, President/Directing General Chairs, and more.

This initiative provides an opportunity for IAM women to create a foundation and pathways of advancement while making sure our union leadership – from the local level to higher rank roles – reflects our membership.