Meet the Grand Lodge Convention Gavel Makers

The presentation of a Convention gavel has been a long-standing tradition in the history of the IAM since its inception in 1889. The gavel not only represents power and authority but also respects for the values and procedures we hold dearly.

For this year’s IAM Grand Lodge Convention, three different gavels were made by proud IAM members each with its unique story.

“We are so proud of the talent and dedication that went into each of the three 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention gavels,” said District 947 President and Directing Business Representative Sal Vasquez.

The first gavel was made by IAM District W24 Retiree Frank Rouse from Oregon. Rouse’s design, mostly made from moose antlers, was inspired by his Native American roots and his ties to nature.

The second gavel takes a more contrasting take and was designed by members of IAM Lodge 63 led by Bryce Bakke in Oregon. They crafted their gavel using a mix of various metals, including titanium, steel, and bronze. To design and finish their craft, they used computer software and 3D printing tools embodying industrial technology and aerospace innovation.

The third gavel was designed by IAM Local SC11 Member Henry Duncan from Las Vegas. He used military parts donated by IAM members, including used parts of IAM-made flying battleships Lockheed AC-130 that are flown by the U.S. Air Force and 40mm projectile round and artillery shells.

10/02/2022 – Making of the convention gavels.