Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Highlights Importance of Bolstering Workforce Development Programs to Strengthen Unions and Economy

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak joined the IAM for its 40th Grand Lodge Convention, praising the contribution IAM members have made to the state of Nevada and discussing the importance of workforce development for the future of this nation.

“There is no denying that your work in Nevada’s unions has made our state who we are today,” said Sisolak. “We are union proud in the state of Nevada, and I am not ashamed to say that! We were built by the hands and on the backs of union-organized labor and I am proud of that.”

Sisolak has worked to keep Nevada strong by investing in job creation, education, and affordable health care to improve the lives of working men and women in the state.

During his speech, Sisolak emphasized the importance of apprenticeships and skilled trades for generations to come and how organized labor can play a key role.

“We need to strengthen our job training program and invest in schools to create a pipeline from K-12 into the professional unions, the Machinists, the Carpenters, the Building Trades,” said Sisolak. “We need to make a pipeline so kids know the opportunities that exist. We need to diversify our economy, but it all starts with you.”

As Governor, Sisolak has supported pro-worker legislation and created a Workforce Development Subcabinet to expand training and vocational education, making community college and training programs more accessible to people in Nevada.

Sisolak also thanked the labor movement for supporting his initiatives to advance working families in Nevada

“You are working to make this community a better community, our state a better state, and our country a better country,” said Sisolak. “We are union strong in the state of Nevada, and we will stay union strong.”