On Friday 7, 2022, IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. and IAM Organizing Director Vinny Addeo presented the 4th International President’s Excellence in Organizing Awards honoring organizers and territories who have demonstrated a superb commitment to growing the strength of the IAM.

“The Brothers and Sisters who are about to be recognized have made all of that happen,” said President Martinez Jr. “They deserve our thanks and recognition for bringing justice on the job to our newest members.” 

The awards ceremony was the second presentation conducted in person since it began in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today’s award recipients deserve even more recognition for their steadfast commitment to growing our Union under these unforeseen challenges and circumstances of the pandemic from 2020 through 2021,” said IAM Organizing Director Vinny Addeo.

Accolades for this year’s ceremony were given to the top Organizing District or Local from each respective territory, the top individual organizer from each respective territory, the top organizing territory, and the top individual organizer.

2021 IAM Top Territory Organizing Distinction
Eastern Territory and Canadian Territory

2021 IAM Organizer of the Year
Grand Lodge Representative Bridget Fitzgerald

2021 Special Organizing Recognition Awards
Chief of Staff to the IP – Monica Lee Silbas
Associate General Counsel – Laura Ewan

2021 Top District/Local Organizing Distinctions 

Eastern Territory
Top District: District Lodge 5
Individual: Jay Wadleigh, District Lodge 4 DBR

Western Territory
Top District: District Lodge 160
Individual: Melissa Demyan, District Lodge 160 Organizer

Midwest Territory
Top District: District Lodge 9
Individual: Bob Beloit, District Lodge 9 Organizer

Southern Territory
Top District: District Lodge 776
Individual: Joe Greaser, Grand Lodge Representative

Canadian Territory
Top District: District Lodge 140
Individual: Al Cyr, District Lodge 250 Organizer

Top District: District Lodge 141

Individual: Carmelo Benedicto, Local Lodge 914 Organizer

IAM Headquarters
Individual: Jason Woodward, Grand Lodge Representative