Vinny Ceraso has helped IAM members and their families struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, financial trouble, and tragedy in the workplace by leading the IAM’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a program available to all dues-paying members and their eligible family members.

Ceraso has been in the addiction prevention field for nearly 25 years and is certified employee assistance and substance abuse professional with numerous credentials in crisis and critical incidents.

“The causes of addiction are mental health issues,” said Ceraso. “We treat it like it’s a disease, and then we’re more successful at helping the person maintain sobriety, and that’s what we really want to do. The mental health aspect is what I try to focus on.”

IAM’s EAP and addiction helpline has saved lives and helped many IAM members through hard times.

“We’ve had tremendous success. The rate of relapse is so high in this country, it’s about 70% in the first year,” said Ceraso. “If you call the addiction services hotline and go through treatment, our relapse rate right now stands at about 7%.”

The IAM encourages members to call our hotline and seek help from EAP if they need help.

Reach the confidential IAMAW EAP/MAP Helpline by calling 301-335-0735 or emailing Call the 24/7 information and support hotline for substance abuse and alcohol addiction at 888-250-4426.