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10/07/2022 - During his keynote, Melvin opened up by highlighting that as working people, there’s an intertwined struggle for a better life and that workers must use their collective voice to impact change. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Our Powerful Canadian Machinists, IAMAW AIMTA Canada! ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - EN The President of Local 2725 is at the IAM Grand Lodge Convention delivering a message of solidarity. We are working to educate our union about the fights and victories we are facing in Puerto Rico. There’s strength in unity! SP El presidente de IAM Local 2725 asistio a la Concepcion de la Gran Logia de la IAM para enviar un mensaje de solidaridad. Estamos trabajando para educar a los miembros de la union acerca nuestra lucha y victorias aqui en Puerto Rico. ¡En la union esta la fuerza! #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Many IAM leaders and members have served in the military. The IAM is proud of its service members and proud of the work IAM Veterans Services does for Veterans. ⚙️💪🇺🇸 #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Benefits of being an IAM Member, being union. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Our brave and critical National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) ! ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE! ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - The IAM honors our Brothers and Sisters who passed away since the 2016 Grand Lodge Convention. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - Liz Shuler, the first woman leader of America’s labor movement as president of the AFL-CIO, spoke to delegates of the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention, congratulating the Machinists Union for taking on some of the nation’s largest employers, winning legendary unionizing campaigns, and creating a new program to elevate women in the movement. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/07/2022 - U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh addressed the 40th IAM International Convention on Tuesday, October 4, applauding the work of the IAM over the years to advance workers’ rights. Walsh talked about the Biden administration’s policies aimed at improving the lives of working people and union members. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/06/2022 - The IAMAW Midwest Territory represents unity and strength! ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/05/2022 - Our Strong Southern Territory! ⚙️💪 #IAMAW Southern Territory #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/05/2022 - The Machinists' Proud Aerospace Territory ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/05/2022 - In return to our historic roots we created the Rail Division led by Josh Hartford in May of 2022. We honor our history as a rail union! ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/04/2022 - Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richard Johnsen discusses changes in how this territory does business. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/04/2022 - IAM Eastern Territory - The Beast of the East, IAM Eastern Territory ⚙️💪 #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/04/2022 - Nancy Bloom of IAM Local 949 from Missouri: “There’s a lot of female presence here and I’m just looking forward to getting more people involved with the local lodge.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/04/2022 - Nakia Simmons of IAM Local 914 from New Jersey: “This is my first Grand Lodge Convention. I’m looking forward to this event and meeting a lot of people I’m going to be working with across the country.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Meet your 2022 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention host territory, the Western Territory! #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Welcome to the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention - We Are The Mighty Machinists: We are the Mighty Machinists. For more than 134 years we have championed justice for workers across North America. IAM is standing strong, and we live by the words stitched on our flag: Justice on the Job and Service to the Community. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Victor Hernandez of IAM District 141 from Texas: “The lifeline of the union is the social interactions and being together in one place in order to experience democracy.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Tony Armideo of IAM District 1 from Pennsylvania: “We need to grow the organization and the initiatives the Executive Council have put forth and resolutions do fortify that.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Stefeny Gutierrez of IAM Local 933 from Arizona: “I’m honored to be here… meet lots of people from everywhere and different perspectives.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Kevin Cobb of IAM Local 1943: 'Every four years, we come together to do this... changing rules, bringing new life and new ideas.' #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/03/2022 - Dale Jones of IAM Local 48 from Illinois: “I'm really excited to be here this week and I just want to see the day to day events to see what the changes are in the constitution.” #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/02/2022 - Making of the convention gavels. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/02/2022 - An important piece of IAM history, the beloved IAM District Lodge 19 Bell is making an appearance at the 40th Grand Lodge Convention! #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/01/2022 - We are only as strong as you wish to be,” says IAM Local 1546 Oakland, CA | IAMAW Western Territory Delegate Werner Felchaus. 'We are just gearing up for the Machinists' 40th Grand Lodge Convention.' #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/01/2022 - Registration for the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention starts TODAY - Tomorrow we kick off our union's biggest event: Machinists from across North America, delegates from every local and district, will convene all week to make decisions about the future of our union. #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

10/01/2022 - Machinists are making their way to Las Vegas for the 40th Grand Lodge Convention! Are you ready? Stay tuned! #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

09/30/2022 - We're getting ready and we can't wait to welcome delegates to the Machinists' 40th Grand Lodge Convention... Are you ready? #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate

09/30/2022 - Helena Thornton, IAM Local 1725 President, is one of the 20% women delegates to the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention. We are proud to have the highest percentage of women representation EVER at this Convention! #IAMStandingStrong, #IAMGLCDelegate